Rue des Bains, 25, 1212 Luxembourg
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Dune is a signature fast-good seed bar revisiting mediterranean kitchen with a Moroccan Pop Art cocooning touch decor that beckon you to savour singular moments & flavors at the heart of Luxembourg-City.

A Story by DUNE...

I have started imaging Dune when I was walking on the streets of Manhattan. I used to live in NYC and I realized that my father, Chef Ali El Mansouri, had done so much since his arrival in France in the 80’s. From his little Berberian village to now in Paris as owner and chef of one of the best ranked Moroccan restaurants in Paris, such work needed to be continued.

His talent had to be preserved & enriched. And from that point, I’ve start to build what would become Dune, a place where people can taste the best of our family food combined with the best of oriental ingredients, and all in a contemporaneous and fresh atmosphere!

I choose Luxembourg as I love being nourished by so much diversity and people. In my boutique place, my clients will be cherish with love passion and a pampering experience where they will find a generous menu composed of a selection of salads, sandwiches and, of course, best couscous to take away or to enjoy in our place.

All recipes have been created by my father and I with the idea to conciliate our food with our clients’ needs – healthy and fast (served) food during the lunch break. And during the afternoon, Dune would be turn in a salon de the where people could enjoy a typical Moroccan mint tea or coffee with our pastries and chill in a cool and unique oriental atmosphere.


Lundi11:30—17:30, 17:30—21:30
Mardi11:30—17:30, 17:30—21:30
Mercredi11:30—17:30, 17:30—21:30
Jeudi11:30—17:30, 17:30—21:30(Aujourd'hui)
Vendredi11:30—17:30, 17:30—21:30
Samedi11:30—17:30, 17:30—21:30


28 99 99 48
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