Rue de Rollingergrund 8, 2440 Luxembourg
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Welcome to Restaurant Himalaya - Nepalese & Indian Restaurant in Luxembourg. We are pleased to introduce you to a new taste, which is a reflection of unique Royal Nepalese and Indian Cuisine. We are back again with the authentic taste. Try our varieties of dishes prepared with Self hand made spices that has unique flavours. Now with the convenience of online ordering, you can enjoy our meals in the comfort of your own home. It does not matter if you are alone, with friends, at work or at home. Just be sure not to miss out on a wonderful meal.


Mardi12:00—14:00, 18:00—23:00
Mercredi12:00—14:00, 18:00—23:00
Jeudi12:00—14:00, 18:00—23:00
Vendredi12:00—14:00, 18:00—23:00
Samedi12:00—14:00, 18:00—23:00
Dimanche12:00—14:00, 18:00—23:00


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