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Enjoy your favorite Ramen from the comfort of your home!
Check out our new DIY Menu you can find attached here and give us a call !

We serve Sapporo-style ramen in four traditional choices: shio (salt), shoyu (soy) miso (soybean paste) and vegetable miso. They are distinguished by its Chintan stock, a clear soup base that requires over 16 hours of careful preparation to achieve its delicate and complex depth. The stock contains chicken, porkbone, seaweed and other ingredients.

Our noodles, which have a certain elasticity and glossiness, and are designed to sop up the flavour of the soup, are imported from Sapporo, Japan and made by Nishiyama Seimen Company.

During this quarantine we propose a special delivery menu !

The delivery menu is a bit adapted to the situation, since traditional Ramen soups are not a traditional delivery dish.
In Ramen soups , the noodles continue cooking in the broth during the delivery thus becoming too soggy and too soft. The overall experience would never be the same as if you're eating a fresh Ramen in the shop with a cooking hot bouillon and Ramen that are coming fresh out of the cooker which we can only recommend !


Mercredi11:30—15:00, 18:00—21:00
Jeudi11:30—15:00, 18:00—21:00
Vendredi11:30—15:00, 18:00—21:00(Aujourd'hui)


26 430 735
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26 430 735


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